Let's talk languages Let's talk languages! L.two specializes in teaching the English, Spanish and Russian language at all levels, performing translations and enabling​ the communication of companies.

Greek language for foreigners, teacher training and lessons for university entrance exams are also included in our portfolio of services offered.

At L.two we are goal-driven teachers and translators and enthusiastic supporters of interaction among people and cultures. Being passionate about languages and entrepreneurship, we obtain pure curiosity about every given field of study and work.

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Who we are

Throughout our ongoing years of academic studying and hands-on experience, we have acquired excellent communication, personal management and problem-solving skills, critical thinking, capacity to work under pressure and an eye for detail.

We are team players with strong work values and learning skills, always fond of innovative ideas for projects in business and education and cannot make do without discipline in passion, productivity, and creativity! Our positive, can-do attitude and our hardworking and enterprising approach have made all our cooperations flourish and our clients happy.

Our goals

Our goal is that our students (children, adolescents, and adults) not only obtain the essential skills in order to communicate effectively and enter the job market successfully, but also enjoy the path of learning through curiosity, teamwork, and hands-on experience.

We also perform translations and proofreading of various text types, i.e., general, certificates, cosmetics, food and wine, menus, travel/tourism, finance, medical, websites, leaflets, CVs, technical and commercial, etc.

Our language services are customized and can be adjusted to your needs and goals, whether you are 5 years old, an adult who needs to get back on the language track, or the owner of a high-profile company, who wishes to linguistically train their employees.


What we do


• English lessons (General & English for Specific Purposes)
• Spanish lessons (General & Business Oriented)
• Russian lessons (for individuals and businesses)
• Greek for foreigners
• Translation Services (Technical & Commercial)
• Seminars/Webinars
• TESOL training
• Lessons for university entrance exams (written and oral)
• Customized language services
Teaching Profile

• Functional Grammar & Vocabulary
• Discourse, Listening & Writing Skills
• LT Methods & Practices
• Pedagogics
• Teaching Optimization
• Language & Digital Media
• Exam Orientation
• Use of Non-Formal Methods
• Projects & Presentations
• Different approaches to FL Didactics
Translation Profile

• Experienced in the effective use of language (resources, hard-copied or online), as well as in the extraction of proper terminology per subject
• Adept at the application of technology in the translation process
Business Profile

• Business Lessons
• Communication for Companies
• Customized seminars/webinars
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Never learn parrot-fashion!

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Nice to meet you!

Owner/Managing Director: Antonia Keratsa
BA in English Language and Literature - National Kapodistrian University of Athens - Greece
BA in Spanish Language and Literature - National Kapodistrian University of Athens - Greece
MA in Technical and Commercial Translation, CTIS, UMIST – UK
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